Elastomeric Bearings
Expansion Joint

General Information

TAG, Elastomeric Bridge Bearings consist of individual layers of Rubber, reinforced by steel plates.

The Elastomer is normally a natural rubber compound.
If required, different kinds of Synthetic Rubber, such as chloroprene often called “NEO-PRENE” may be used.

The steel plates are either completely embedded by the rubber or protected by a specially developed coating.

Perfect bonding between plates and elastomer is obtained under high pressure during the vulcanization process.

The TAG standard range of elastomeric bridge bearings offers a logical progression in both load bearings and shear movement or rotation capacity to the Bridge design Engineer.

Standard Bearings are manufactured from a nominal 55 IRHD Natural Rubber Compound with protection additives to ensure the quality.

In this Technical Data describes the Indonesian, American & British Standard. Our products can meet these and any others International Standard or requirements.

In accordance with normal commercial practice and in the absence of any other information.
TAG will supply Bridge Bearings to customers specification under the assumption that bearing design approval for a particular load condition or environment has been granted by the responsible bridge design engineer.

Expansion Joint